Keep Marijuana Fresh

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Keeping marijuana fresh can be a challenge. Especially if you like to keep enough medicine on hand to last for a little while. Zip baggies are commonly used. Hopefully you are using this as an extremely short term method of cannabis storage. The zips are easily undone with everyday movement in your pocket. The bags can easily pop if air is built up inside and the bag is compressed. Take it home and put it in a glass jar. Cannabis kept in a jar, in a cool dark place should stay fresh for a long time. Do yourself a favor and find a jar.


Some jars are stylish and some are totally plain. Some have a cork lid some have a locking metal lid with a small amount of resistance to help lock the lid.

Kamenstein Square Glass Jar with Hinge Glass Lid, 4 Piece Set

Bormioli Rocco Fido Storage Jar – Wire Bail – 750 mL – 12 pack

Smellproof jars are great if you are trying to store large amounts of potent medicinal herbs. These jars will ensure that buds are not detected by smell when in storage.

Emma jars are a classic options for air lock and visibility with small amounts of herb.

Herbal Stash Case Vacuum Sealed Mini Jar Container (GREEN & BLACK)

iolite TVC-002 Black Solid Minivac Container

The timeless question that keeps us working to make sure our herbs are as fresh as they can be. How can I keep marijuana fresh for longer periods of time? Don’t expose your herb to air for prolonged periods of time. Don’t attempt to rehydrate with wet paper towels because the bud will just get soggy and lose potency because you are getting already cured buds all wet. The grower dedicated part of the harvesting process to making sure the stuff dried properly… Don’t get it wet again.